Would it be possible to get a meal plan for a week or month, so I know what I should eat to lose this weight? I’m 200 pounds and I want to get down to 140. I am 18 and female. I’m going to the gym 4 times a week. I am lactose intolerant, so I can eat anything else.


Let’s start by giving you your best 2 options to handle all your fitness/weight loss needs and then I’ll also put some info at the end that will help keep you on track including a weight loss support supplement/meal replacement program that successful weigh losers use. And finally, you always have the option of calling us toll free (877-436-8348) and we can get you a live phone coach to answer question and keep you accountable. Please read all carefully.

Option 1: Visit one of our licensed health clubs using the club finder http://www.dotfit.com/ClubFinder.aspx

The expert fitness professionals in our licensed health clubs can give you direct service for all your fitness goals including nutrition needs that are not related to medical conditions.

Option 2: If a club visit is not a viable option, you can receive all your diet, supplement and weight loss (or muscle gain) needs online from the dotFIT program.

Go here to sign up online http://www.dotfit.com/new-user-register. From there simply follow instructions creating your program and setting your goal (set your goal in 20-pound increments losing 1-2 lb/wk, and then create a new program for the next 20 and so on until you get to your 140 lb goal. The dotFIT program will give you meal plans, including a lactose free menu, with the proper calories and protein to get started, track intake and monitor results. It will also give you your supplement recommendations and exactly how to use them. Every week when you enter your weight and/or bodyfat, the program will tell you what to do until you reach your goal including recreating menus as necessary. There is also a complete exercise program you can use to create the proper program to accomplish your goal – and again, just answer the simple questions and your exercise program will be created. However, if possible, we recommend one of our trainers to help you get started. If for any reason you choose not to use the program, I included basic nutrition weight loss directions below, which is similar to what the program would do for you including a detailed supplement recommendation. On our website you’ll also see a category called “Learn” where you will find many frequently asked questions and answers: https://www.dotfit.com/learn