I have a client whose doctor wants her to take an additional B12 supplement. She already takes dotFIT Women’s Multi and calcium. Do you have anything that is similar?


We don’t’ have a separate B12 supplement but if the client is anywhere near 40 yrs of age, they can start (and should if it fits their budget) taking the dotFIT AdvancedBrainHealth at 4 capsules/day, which will add 100 µg of B12 (1,667% RDA). The form of B12 in BrainHealth is cyanocobalamin (Women’s is methylcobalamin) and that may also help since both forms are metabolized slightly different. Unless they have significant B12 digestive problems, the Women’s and BrainHealth should get their B12 levels above 700 pg/mL. Other options are injections to bypass the GI tract, a separate very high dose B12 tab (to simply overwhelm the enterocytes) or a sublingual form to attempt to reach the levels the doctor wants.

Many doctors & RDs want your B12 levels at the high end or above the reference range of ~200-900 pg/mL. One patient was recently tested and had a B12 level of 985 pg/mL, which is great. He is taking the 2-Actives/day (2 have 15 µg) and 8 BrainHealth daily because of his age.