Will dotFIT ever make a testosterone booster?


Probably not. Although there are legitimate candidates for testosterone therapy (albeit very few), hormone therapy should remain the domain of qualified clinicians for the simple reason that testosterone therapy, whether it’s from a “supplement” or drug, should be monitored regularly to make sure, at the very least, it doesn’t aromatize (aromatization is the process that converts testosterone into estrogen) or cause new problems. That said, If the scientific community discovered a legal natural compound that could actually boost testosterone enough to make a difference AND had no negative feedback effect on the rest of the body's hormones, we would consider the possibility, but only IF we could prove overall safety while improving performance. That's a whole bunch of "ifs" and we have a lot of work to do before this happens, including making sure that increasing testosterone during regular aging, doesn’t aggravate and unknown existing problem, such as a festering cancer.

In the meantime, I promise you, NO legal (remember if its illegal - i.e. a drug disguised as a supplement – it needs to be monitored by a qualified physician) testosterone booster on the market, no matter how much you take, can compare with the results of using our Adult Size & Performance Super Stack used by the World’s Strongest Men, NFL players and other size and strength athletes. By the way, NO legal testosterone boosters work to any significant degree to increase size or strength compared to a placebo - that's right, NONE, so don't waste your money.

Below is the ultimate size, strength and performance supplement program on the planet, so get ready to get JACKED, STACKED & BIG MACKED!

Adult Super Stack Performance & Size Supplement Plan (NO7Rage, CreatineXXXL & CM)

Active Multivitamin Mineral Formula

  • Take two (2) daily: 1 immediately following first large meal and 1 after final meal of the day.


  • Take one (1) daily if not consuming eight (8) ounces of fatty fish weekly.

FirstString (or WheySmooth depending on daily calorie allotment)

  • Take two (2) scoops 30-45 minutes before workout or use favorite dotFIT® bar for convenience.
  • Take two (2) scoops 20-30 minutes after post workout AminoBoostXXL dose
  • Use anytime throughout the day as a supplement to a meal or by itself mixed with desired ingredients to add protein/calories as needed to meet daily requirements.
    •  Be sure to ingest ~1gm of protein/LB of lean body mass (or weight if not overweight) daily from all sources including foods, divided 4-5 times daily along with the pre/post shakes (the pre/post shakes combined generally supply 50-80 g of the daily requirement)

AminoBoostXXL (workout days only)

  • Take one and a half (1.5) scoops approximately 10 minutes before workout (add to NO7Rage if using this product – see below). You may continue to drink during workout.
  • Take one (1) scoop immediately following workout.

Begin Creatine Supplementation at 2nd Week of Program

2nd Week Start CreatineMonohydrate (CrM)*

  • Loading phase: mix one (1) scoop (5 g) with 4-8 oz of favorite fluid/shake and take four (4) times daily with a carbohydrate containing meal/drink for first five (5) days.
  • On training days, use one dose before workout and one after with meals/drinks. May mix with your pre/post training formula.

Maintenance phase: after five (5) day loading phase:

  • On training days Take one (1) scoop daily with post workout shake.
  • On non-training days take one (1) scoop with any meal when not taking CreatineXXL (i.e. use CreatineXXL at different times so total creatine is evenly dispersed throughout the day)

Add CreatineXXXL on 6th day of 2nd Week

Two (2) scoops supply 3.2 g of beta-alanine, 5 g of creatine monohydrate and 7 g of L-glutamine

  • Take 2-scoops daily. Take with some protein and carbs but within allotted calories based on body composition goal.
    • Training days: take one (1) scoop before training with pre-workout full meal (generally 2-3 hours pre-workout). If not possible based on early training, take with pre-workout shake. Take remaining dose (1 scoop) any time with meal or shake when not taking a CreatineMonohydrate dose to help evenly spread total creatine intake throughout the day
    • Non-training days: 1-scoop with morning meal or shake and 1-scoop with evening meal or shake

Add NO7Rage at 4th week (workout days only)

One (1) scoop contains 2.5 g or creatine monohydrate and 1 g of beta-alanine (BA)

  • Take one to two and a half (1-2.5) scoops (depending on weight and caffeine sensitivity; start with one (1) scoop and increase to two (2) if not uncomfortably affected by caffeine) approximately 10 minutes before workout (may mix with AminoBoostXXL and continue to consume during workout). See directions on label for weight dosages.
    • NO7Rage contains 175 mg of caffeine per scoop. As a reference: Starbucks Grande-drip coffee contains ~330 mg of caffeine, close to the same amount in two (2) scoops of NO7Rage.

Total daily creatine for this plan: Loading phase 20 g/d. Thereafter until fourth week 10 g/d. At fourth week on workout days 12.5-15 g/day and 10 g on non-workout days. Total BA intake 5.2 g/day on workout days (two (2) scoops NO7Rage). 3.2 g on non-workout days. To maximize uptake, creatine intake should be spread as evenly as possible throughout the day and around the workout as described and ingested with carbohydrates and/or protein.